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Rose Facts


As we are approaching February (Valentine’s Day is 14th!) and receiving many orders for roses, we thought we would give you a bit more information about the flower of love.

There are over 100 species of rose and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Their colours range from bright reds and yellows through to crisp whites. Also many roses come with unique scents. Perfumes that have a rose scent are made by crushing the petals and using the oils from the petal. Roses are also used within medicine, cookery and cosmetics.

The Rose has been England’s national flower (seen on England’s Rugby squad kit) since the War of the Roses in the 15th Century.

Roses and their colours have many different meanings some are as below:

Red Rose – Passion and immortal love www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/red/products/red-rose

Pink Rose – First Love and Innocence www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/pink/products/pink-rose

Yellow Rose – Friendship, joy and mature love www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/yellow/products/yellow-roses

White Rose – Secret admirer and purity www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/white/products/white-roses

Many famous people have had a rose named in their honour:

Audrey Hepburn (light pink Hybrid Tea)

Marilyn Monroe (Apricot Hybrid Tea)

Judy Garland (Scarlet, orange, and yellow Floribunda)

Elizabeth Taylor (Pink Hybrid Tea)

Freddie Mercury (Yellow with pink tinge)

Queen Elizabeth II (has more than one named after her including a pink Floribunda)

Duke of Cambridge (Red Hybrid Tea named The Royal William)

Duchess of Cambridge (Raspberry coloured rose)

Celebrities all over the world have their homes and dressing rooms adorned with flowers, The following celebs are especially keen on roses;

Elton John is well known for his love of flowers, his wedding to David Furnish was an example of this with gorgeous arrangements reportedly costing thousands.  His passion for flowers has seen him to publish a book dedicated to arrangements in his homes across the globe! Apparently Elton John’s favourite flowers are roses and with Valentine’s Day approaching we wonder whether David will be sending him 12 red roses. www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/rose/products/red-rose

Marylin Monroe, Madonna and Britney Spears all love roses too, especially white roses which signify courage, elegance and mystery.  www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/white/products/white-roses

Paris Hiltons favourite flowers are pink roses and carnations. Pink Roses symbolise young love and the beginning of a relationship. www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/pink/products/large-pink-roses-with-vase

If you wish to send roses this Valentines visit www.pjmulley.co.uk/collections/valentines







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