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Why choose us

From the moment you place your order either via our easy to use website or by speaking with one of our customer service team, you can be assured that your order is treated as a V.I.B (Very important Bouquet!) Your order requirements are personally looked over by a  member of our team to ensure delivery dates and addresses are correct and then passed onto our head florist who ensures that all flowers are present and perfect. 

At PJ Mulley Creative Floral Design we guarantee

* Great choice of Bouquets

* Fresh Beautiful Flowers

* Value for money

* Flowers arrive on time

* Regular updates on your order

* Excellent Customer care

* We have researched other online florists reviews and the main problem customers have is being able to speak to someone personally... At PJ Mulley Creative Floral Design you CAN! Our Freephone number makes it possible for you to call us and if our lines are busy you can leave a message and we guarantee that we will get back to you within an hour. All our team have access to our email so if you have an urgent request email customer@pjmulley.co.uk and we are able to respond within 30 minutes.*

Your Bouquet is then allocated to one of our experienced florists. Your florist will then again look over the flowers and then put them together to form the beautiful bouquet that you have specifically chosen. 

*Our next day flowers are all arranged by our own team of florists based in our workshop and offices. No subcontracting to local florists means our own specially selected flowers are used, and you can be assured they come no fresher. This way we know that you will be getting the best as It is our company name that would be at risk, and we really value this!*

Another team member then wraps the bouquet in cellophane and places it into a water cup for extra freshness. Your personalised message is then placed onto the bouquet and it is placed into one of our unique boxes ready to be collected.

* We hand write all our messages on cards, we feel it makes it more personal and if you want 20 kisses at the end...guess what... that's what you get! *

Our trusted courier company who has expertise in delivering delicate goods then arrive to collect your chosen bouquet. A member of our transit team then ensure your boxed flowers are loaded with the utmost care onto the vehicles ready to be dispatched.

* We have worked really hard and tried and tested several logistical companies and only use one now. Our trusted company know exactly how to handle your 'V.I.B' and we have 100% confidence in them delivering the presentation box and flowers in the same conditions as they are collected from us.*

You then will receive an automated email which notifies you of your bouquets journey, from being shipped to delivery. At all times a member of our customer care team will be watching this process ensuring that your bouquet arrives as planned.        

(Images of our flowers kept, stored in temperature controlled cold pots, ready to be made into beautiful bouquets)

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